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Deepak Gupta

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Monday, 5 February 2018

JavaScript Event

javascript event

Events and Event Handlers

In JavaScript , There are lots of Events Which React According To The User

Response in HTML Web Page or Document . When any Event Will Occur

Event handlers Will handle this Fired Event .

Example of Events :

1. When User Click on Any button.

2. Mouse Over on Any Hyper Link Or Hot Spot on Web Page

3. Submitting The Application Form

4. Loading of Any Image or Web page

5. When Any Key is Pressed or Released.

6. When Any Input Fields Modified.

List of The JavaScript Events Handlers

Here , is the name of the JavaScript Events Handlers

Sr.Event HandlersFunction of Event Handlers
1.onabortThis Event Is Fired When Loading of any Image is interrupted.
2.onblurAn Element Loses Focus (Ex : User Select Other Text While Left The Previous Selected One)
3.onchangeThis Event is Fired When Content of Any Text Field is Changed.
4.onclickMouse Click on Any Element (Ex : Button Click)
5.ondblclickDouble Mouse Click on Any Element (Ex : Button Click)
6.onerrorAn Error Will Occurs At The Time of Loading The Document, Image , any other Element
7.onfocusWhen Any Element Gets Focus (Like Select Ant Text)
8.onkeydownWhen user pressed Any Keyboard Key
9.onkeypressWhen user pressed any Keyboard key or held down
10.onkeyupWhen user Released a Keyboard Key
11.onloadLoading on Any Web Page, Document or Image
12.onmousedownWhen User press Mouse Button
13.onmousemoveWhen Mouse Pointer is Moved
14.onmouseoutMouse Pointer is Moved off an Element
15.onmouseoverMouse is Moved over an Element or Hot Spot on the Web Page
16.onmouseupWhen User Released Mouse button
17.onresetWhen user Click on Reset button
18.onresizeWhen Window or Frame is resized.
19.onselectWhen User Select Any text
20.onsubmitWhen user Click on submit button
20.onunloadWhen User Exits The page

Ex-1. Onclick Event

In This Example , When You Click on i-World-Tech button it Will goes To The

Specified Link

<title> onclick Examples</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function loc(url)
<h1> i-World-Tech </h1>
<input type="button" value="i-World-Tech" onclick="loc('')">

Ex-2. onload Event

When Web Page is Load Then It Will Show you Alert Message .

<script type="text/javascript">
function message()
alert("My First java Script Program");

<body onload="message()">

Ex-3. onfocus , onblur and onchange Events

These All Events are Often Used in the Validation of The Form. Function of

These Three Events is Already Specified in the Above table.

<input type="text" name="username" size="40" id="u1" onchange="user()">

Ex-4. ommouseover and onmouseout

<title> onMouseover </title>
<h1> i-World-Tech Image </h1>
<a href=""
onmouseover="alert(' WELCOME... i-World-tech user'); return false">
<img src="

i-World-Tech Image

Thank You To All My Reader
Deepak Gupta

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Monday, 15 January 2018

Batch Programming :How To make a Simple Calculator in Batch programming

image of Calculator

Today Friends I Want To Tell You How To Make a Simple Calculator

in batch programming. here is the Source Code...

Text Editor :- Notepad

Save as :- .bat file

Created By :- Deepak Gupta

 @echo off
color b0
title Calculator
echo Simple Calculator in Batch programming
echo Designed By :- Deepak Gupta
echo Enter the First Operand
set /p one=
echo Enter the Operator [+,-,*, /]
set /p two=%one%...
echo Enter the Second Operand
set /p three=%one%%two%
set /a final=%one%%two%%three%$
echo Result
echo %one%%two%%three%=%final%
goto home

Now , 

Step-1. You Copy the Source code and paste in Notepad .

Step-2. Save it as .bat file .

            Enjoy With Your Simple Calculator in Batch programming...

Thank You To All My Reader
Deepak Gupta

Saturday, 23 December 2017

SEO Tutorial : Beginner

SEO tips and Tricks

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial : Beginner

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important Topic For the Every

Web Programmer . if your Website or blog is a SEO Friendly Than you can

get massive Traffic on your Site and it will Improve your Alexa rank As Well

as Google page Rank . Here , is Some Simple techniques To Optimize Your

Website and blog . so Your Follow This Tutorial To Optimize your Site .

Tip-1. Page Title

Page Title is the Title of your Web Page Which Appears in the Title bar . it is

used For the Identify your Web page . so you keep your Page Title as Unique

In HTML Programming language , Programmer Define Page Title in the

<title> tag .

Ex : <title> i-World-Tech <title>

Tip-2. Meta Tag

<meta> Tag is the important tag For your Web page . it Describes the

metadata Within HTML Document . Inside the <meta> Tag we use

a name Attribute . and meta tag is support by the all the browser so

you carefully use the meta tag which defines the metadata of your

HTML document .

Ex :
<meta name="description" content="SEO Tutorial : beginner">

meta tag

Tip-3. Keywords For Search Engine

Keywords are the Most Important For the Search Engines . Crawler of

Different Search Engine Crawls to your Web page To Search the Defined

Keywords . If Crawler Find Keywords in your Web page , it Will put your

Web page into the Search Result and User can see it . You Can define the

Keywords by using meta tag .

Ex :
<meta name="keywords" content="SEO , HTML , CSS">

Inside the meta tag you can also define the Author of the Web page

Ex :
<meta name="author" content="Deepak Gupta">

Tip-4. noFollow and doFollow Links

noFollow and doFollow is the Attribute of the anchor tag (<a>) Which is

used to tell the Search Engine's Crawler to Follow and no-Follow The

Links . Default value is doFollow .

Ex :
doFollow Link - <a href="">i-World-Tech</a>

noFollow Link - <a href="" rel="nofollow">i-World-Tech</a>

What are noFollow and doFollow Links ?

nofollow , dofollow

Tip-5. Internal Link

For the better Search Engine Rank You Generate Your Own Internal Link .

Internal Links are the Important For Any Webpage . When Crawler Follow

your Link , Than it Will get One More Internal Link of your Web Page .

It will generate massive traffic to your WebSite or blog .

Tip-6. Optimize Image For better SEO

Every Web Programmer Should Optimize Image For the Better Search

Engine Rank  . Images are also Play a important role to generate the massive

traffic to your site . If your Images are Search Engine Optimize , Than your

Images Will Appears in the Google Image For where you Can get

More Traffic .

How to Optimize images for Better Search Engine Ranking

Tip-7. Alt and Title tags

Title Tag : Title tag is used For the Title of the Images and it will display 

When user scroll Mouse over the images .

ALT tag :- ALT Tag is used to Describe Search Engine Robots that

What The Image all about .  It used as the Keywords of the Images .

so Adding These Tags , Will Generate The Massive Traffic to Your blog .

Tip-8. Unique Content and Article

If Your Web page have a Unique Content and Article , Then No One Can 

Stop you To get a Traffic to your Web page or blog . Content is the Key 

Factor For any Web Page . So you Try To Post Unique Content and article .

Be aware From Copy and Paste .

Tip-9. W3C Validation

W3C is an Organization To Manage the Web page Across the World . 

W3C have a Some Set of Rules and Syntax For the Web Language . If 

Your Web page or Article is W3C Validate , Your Web page or blog get

More traffic to your Site 

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Tip-10. Use Proper HTML Tags

At the last Tips of This Tutorial , I want to say that Every Web Programmer

Should use a Proper HTML Tags . it will really helpful for you and as well

as your reader . If You are using the Proper HTML tags , Than Load Time

of your Website is also less so That user can easily access the site even at

slow net connection .

Thank You To All My Reader

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Blogger Beginner Guide

blogger tips and tricks

1. Create Custom Permalink

Custom Permalink

Permalink is the Unique URL of your blogger Post . by this URL , user can

access and read your post . blogger create a automatic permalink for the

blogger post bt it also provides the facility to create own permalink for your

blogger post. if you want to create your own custom permalink , than you

Follow the below Steps.

Step-1. Sign in your blogger account and go to the post for which you want to

create a custom permalink.

Step-2. Now , in the Right side panel you Find a Post Settings options .

here , you Click on Permalink Sub-option .

post settings

Step-3. Here , you will get a Two Sub-option .

           1. Automatic Permalink : blogger will create a Automatic permalink

for your blogger post according the post title , month , year and Home page

URL of your blog .

automatic permalink

2. Custom Permalink : Here , you Enter your own Unique Permalink

Which is identified your blogger Post .

custom permalink

Step-4. Save it . Your Custom permalink is ready to use it .

2. Labels on your blogger Post

Every blogger should add a Labels to blogger post . you Select Labels Such

That It will Uniquely identified your blogger Post . Search Engine Crawler

will crawl To Your Web page To Search That Labels . If Crawler Will Find

Label on your blogger post , Your post will get indexed in the Search Engine

Result . You Can Add a Multiple Labels to your Post .

How to Add Labels on blogger Post

Step-1.  Sign in your blogger account and go to the post for which you

want to add a Label .

Step-2. Now , in the Right side panel you Find a Post Settings options .

Click on Labels Sub-option .

Labels options

Step-3. here , in text Area you Type Label and if you Want to add Multiple

Labels Than Separate Them With commas .

blogger Labels

Step-4. Save it . hence , Labels Will Add to your blogger Post .

Thank You To All My Reader
Deepak Gupta

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

how to prevent accidental close of tabs

web browser

When you are Working on Your System , Accidentally you Closed your

Important Tab in which you Working or during to close another tab , you

closed the Tab Which you not want to close . Sometimes This Situation

May also come when your System is suddenly Shutdown . So To Prevent

Accidental close of Tabs in your All Four major Web browser , You

Follow The Following Steps..

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the Mostly used Web browser in the Internet World .

Not only it is Fast but Also it provides Some Extra and Specific Facility

To us Which other browser are not Providing . Google Chrome provides

Extensions and other methods to Avoid Accidental Close of Tabs .

I Found , Two Most helpful Google Chrome Extensions To Avoid

Accidental Close of Tabs So In This Article I , Want To Share These

Two Popular and best Extensions For All the Chrome user Who are

Suffering Form Accidental Close of Tabs .

1. Tab Jump - Intelligent Tab Navigator

Add Tab Jump - Intelligent Tab Navigator To Chrome

it is Chrome Extensions To Prevents the Accidental Close of Tabs . When you

Accidentally Closed Any Tab , Than it Provides The Undo Facility For The

Closed Tab . it Maintain a List For your Closed Tabs in The Current Session .

it Provides The Other Options Like Jump and Related Also .

Tab Jump - Intelligent Tab Navigator

2. Close...NOT!

Add Close...NOT! To Chrome 


After Adding This Extensions , You Click on This Extension Icon

Corresponding To The Tab Which you Not Want to Accidentally

Closed .  it Tells To The Browser That When you Try To Close This

Tab , it Will Gives you Warning Message .


Mozilla Firefox

To Prevent Accidental Close of Multiple tabs in Mozilla Firefox , you

Follow The Following Steps .

Step-1. In your Firefox browser , you Open the Options Windows

Step-2. Now , In Tabs Sub-Options you Select the Warm me When 

closing multiple tabs .

Mozilla Firefox

Step-3. Click OK .Hence Whenever , you Closed The Multiple tabs , browser

will gives you one Warning Message .

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer

To Prevent Accidental Close of Multiple tabs in Internet Explorer , you Follow

The Following Steps .

Step-1. In your Internet Explorer browser , Go to Internet Options

Internet Explorer

Step-2. Here , in Tab menu , you Click on Tab Sub-option For the Advance

Tab Settings (as Shown in Fig.)

Step-3. Select the Warm me When Closing multiple tabs and Press OK.

Internet Explorer

Apple Safari

To Prevent Accidental Close of Multiple tabs in Apple Safari , you Follow

The Following Steps .

Step-1. In Your Safari Web Browser , Go To The Preferences Options

Press Ctrl + , )

Apple safari

Step-2.  Tab Option , You Select The Confirm before closing multiple 

tabs or Windows . Now , Whenever you Closed The Multiple tabs , browser

will Give you one Warning Message .

Apple safari

Thank You To All My Reader
Deepak Gupta

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